Company Overview

TreeHouse Foods is a private label food and beverage leader focused on customer brands and custom products. When customers partner with TreeHouse they can expect access to an industry-leading portfolio, strategic vision, on-trend innovation and insights, world-class supply chain, operational excellence and flexibility, collaborative approaches and dedicated customer service.

Our strategy is to be the leading supplier of private label food and beverage products by providing the best balance of quality and cost to our customers. We engage with retail grocery, food away from home and industrial and export customers, including most of the leading grocery retailers and foodservice operators in the United States and Canada.

Our portfolio includes a variety of shelf stable, refrigerated and snack products, including:

Baked Goods
Crackers, cookies, pretzels, candy, pita, refrigerated dough, griddle and in-store bakery
Beverages and beverage enhancers
Single serve beverages, coffee, tea, drink mixes, non-dairy creamers and smoothies
Dressings, dips, gravies, jams, mayonnaise, pickles, salsa and sauces
Healthy snacks
Snack nuts, trail mixes, dried fruit and vegetables, and baking nuts
Dry dinners, macaroni and cheese, side dishes, hot and cold cereals, aseptic soups and broths, pie filling and pudding

Customers can expect comprehensive flavor profiles including natural, organic and preservative-free ingredients in many categories and packaging formats.

TreeHouse Foods is best known for food and beverages produced by our two largest businesses Bay Valley Foods, LLC (including E.D. Smith and Flagstone Foods) and TreeHouse Private Brands. With more than 16,000 employees and a network of manufacturing facilities across the United States, Canada and Italy, TreeHouse Foods is based in Oak Brook, Illinois.