Our History

While TreeHouse Foods, Inc. was formed in 2005, the history of one of our key operating companies, Bay Valley Foods, LLC, dates back to 1862 with the formation of Alart and McGuire, pioneers in the pickle industry. Bay Valley Foods has experienced many changes and expansions throughout the years. It was previously known as Dean Specialty Foods, a division of Dallas-based Dean Foods Company.

In 2005 Dean Foods Company incorporated TreeHouse Foods, Inc. to spin off certain speciality businesses. Later that year, TreeHouse began operating as an independent entity after completing the spin-off, and our TreeHouse has been growing ever since.

We proudly acknowledge the acquisitions that make our TreeHouse what it is today.

Dean Specialty Foods Group
Aseptic products, non-dairy creamer and pickles
Del Monte
Private label soup and infant feeding business
E. D. Smith
Fruit spreads, jams, preserves and pie filling
San Antonio Farms
Mexican sauces and salsa
Sturm Foods
Powdered drink mixes and hot cereals
S. T. Specialty Foods
Dry dinners, macaroni and cheese and side dishes
Naturally Fresh
Refrigerated dressings, sauces, marinades, dips, and other specialty items
Mayonnaise, dressings, and sauces
Associated Brands
Powdered drink mixes, specialty teas and sweeteners
Flagstone Foods
Snack nuts, trail mixes, dried fruit and other wholesome snacks
Protenergy Natural Foods Corporation
Soups, broths and gravies
TreeHouse Foods acquired Ralcorp Holdings, Inc. from ConAgra Foods