We are TreeHouse — Growing Strong, Standing Tall


  • May our TreeHouse stand straight and true, rising above branded ancients as the towering symbol of the best in customer brands and custom products.
  • May our TreeHousehold of many cultures expand and prosper through all seasons, united in uncommon customer devotion and unlimited resolve to win.
  • May our TreeHouse endure the test of time, ever growing strong and standing tall.


In order to optimize THS shareholder value, we will:

  • Become the recognized industry leader in private label, customer brands and custom products
  • Grow tall via product innovation, consumer insight, customer partnerships and strategic acquisitions
  • Grow strong through strategic vision, operational excellence, structural consolidation and collaborative teamwork
  • Build competitive advantage through the relentless pursuit of our customersÂ’ needs, lowest cost operations and shareholder returns
  • Live by our values, true to our beliefs, respecting our legacy heritages and uniting them under one roof and culture, while building the TreeHouse of the future
  • Exceed the expectations of our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders alike


  • Customers: We are TreeHousers, building the home of customer brands and custom products, dedicated to unmatched service to our customers and their consumers.
  • Honor: We take great pride in our quality products, customer service, personal work and fellow TreeHousers.
  • Respect: We are a TreeHouse of many rooms, each with its unique legacy and heritage, all joined under one roof of mutual respect and trust.
  • Collaboration: We are a team thousands strong, joined by shared roots, united in a common cause and determined to win as one.
  • Responsibility: We are driven to fulfill our Mission and hold ourselves accountable for the fruits of our harvest.
  • Integrity: We support our TreeHouse with the highest ethical standards of personal behavior and corporate conduct.