Our Directors and Executive Officers

Our Board of Directors is comprised of ten directors, of which at least a majority are considered independent under the independence requirements of the SEC and the New York Stock Exchange. George V. Bayly, Linda K. Massman, Dennis F. O'Brien, Frank J. O’Connell, Matthew E. Rubel, Ann M. Sardini, Jean E. Spence, and Gary D. Smith, each serve as independent directors. Steven Oakland, Chief Executive Officer, and David B. Vermylen, our Senior Advisor, each serve as non-independent directors. Our Board of Directors is divided into three classes. Each director will serve for a term expiring at the annual meeting of stockholders in the year indicated below. For more information, see “Description of Our Capital Stock – Anti Takeover Effects of Provisions of Our Certificate of Incorporation, By-Laws and Rights Plan and of Delaware Law.”

Chairman of the Board:

Gary D. Smith (Term Expires 2019)


George V. Bayly (Term Expires 2019)

Linda K. Massman (Term Expires 2019)

Steven Oakland (Term Expires 2021)

Dennis F. O'Brien (Term Expires 2020)

Frank J. O'Connell (Term Expires 2021)

Matthew E. Rubel (Term Expires 2021)

Ann M. Sardini (Term Expires 2020)

Jean E. Spence (Term Expires 2020)

David B. Vermylen (Term Expires 2021)