Our beverage portfolio includes both liquid and powdered drinks for retail, foodservice, industrial, ingredient, export and co-pack customers. The breadth of our portfolio includes single-serve coffee, powdered creamer, powdered drinks, broths / stocks, ready-to-drink beverages, coffee / tea concentrates, bagged specialty tea, and non-fat dry milk. We play a private label leadership role in several beverage segments and offer clean label or better-for-you formulas in every category.


Delta, British Columbia, Canada (Specialty tea)

Cambridge, Maryland (Broths and gravies)

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (Broths and gravies)

Wayland, Michigan (Non-dairy powdered creamer)

Pecatonica, Illinois (Non-dairy powdered creamer)

Manawa, Wisconsin (Beverages)

New Hampton, Iowa (Non-dairy powdered creamer)

Medina, New York (Beverages, and beverage enhancers)

Our Facilities

  • Delta, British Columbia, Canada
  • Cambridge, Maryland
  • Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
  • Wayland, Michigan
  • Pecatonica, Illinois
  • Medina, New York
  • New Hampton, Iowa
  • Manawa, Wisconsin

What We Make

Our Beverage Division has a wide range of processing prowess that includes dry blending, aseptic, spray drying and agglomeration. Our research and development teams are located in six of our seven production facilities focusing on formula development, innovation and pilot and commercial trials. With this vast expertise, we aim to differentiate ourselves on value, service, and most of all, quality.