Our Opportunity & Strategy

Well-Positioned at the Intersection of Snacking & Beverage and Private Brands Trends

Private Brands are an Important Element of Grocery Retailers' Strategies & Presents Growing Opportunity

Private brands are key to help grocers drive loyalty among consumers and differentiation across the retail landscape. Hear directly from grocery retailers and industry experts as to the role and importance of private brands.

Growth Across Private Brands is a Long-Term Fact

Chart of private brands dollar share of consumer package goods as increased from 2006 to 2022

Source: IRI Market Reports Recession-Proof Your Business (Part 1 & Part 4); Private Label & National Brands: Paving the Path to Growth Together; Private Label: The Journey to Growth Along Roads Less Traveled; CPG Growth Leaders (2019-2021). MULO+C Outlet. Internal TreeHouse Analysis.

Snacks & Beverages are a Way of Life

At Retail
Category Growth in 2022
Private Brands Growth in 2022
of US adults snack two or more times per day
of consumers say they always have a beverage on hand

Sources: IRI Syndicated Point of Sales Data, Total US - Multi Outlet + Conv, 52 weeks ending 12/18/2022 and year ago data for snacking and beverage categories.; Snacking Motivations and Attitudes – US, 2022, Mintel; Modern Beverage Culture 2018, Hartman Group.

TreeHouse Strategy

Invest to be a top 3 player inscale, growth and platformrelevant capabilities. Develop and maintain leadingpositions across platformterritories. Build capabilities toensure platform competitiveposition while building scalevalue for THS. Prioritize the right customers forTHS portfolio, exceed servicelevel expectations, and co-create solutions where strategicpartners require it. Define and implement a compellingemployee value proposition (EVP), thatincludes career paths, targets & rewards, andtalent practices required for building apipeline of top talent. Create an end-to-end supplychain that seamlesslyintegrates plan, source,make, and deliver toexecute against platformobjectives while maintainingsuperior service, quality andcost effectiveness. Platform Leadership inConsumer TrendingCategories PlatformDepth World-ClassSupply Chain StrategicCustomerPartnerships Talent Leader

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