Environmental, Social & Governance


TreeHouse understands the importance of embedding ESG strategy into our business and employing that strategy to ensure we are mitigating potential risks, protecting business continuity, identifying opportunities for value creation, and advancing more effective environmental and social action. We continue to seek and identify ways to do the right thing for our employees, customers, communities and investors, and we believe it is essential to fully embed ESG into our business activities and structure.

To that end, we have created an ESG Governance Structure designed to ensure that ESG is integrated into all levels of our business.

Board of Directors
ESG Executive Steering Committee
ESG Leader
Supply Chain & Operations Subcommittee
Transparency & Disclosure Subcommittee
Plastics & Packaging Subcommittee
Employee Engagement & Welfare Subcommittee

Our ESG Executive Steering Committee is led by Steve Oakland, CEO and President, and consists of the senior leadership from our core businesses and key departments. This includes our Divisional Presidents, Operations, Human Resources, Commercial Excellence, Finance, Supply Chain, Law, Investor Relations, and Environmental, Health, and Safety & Risk Management. The ESG Executive Steering Committee provides strategic leadership on our enterprise wide ESG strategy and interfaces with our Board, customers, and key investors on ESG topics.

Our ESG strategy is led by our VP of Risk Management, ensuring we have a single individual overseeing our ESG efforts and interfacing with key departments and staff who are developing and deploying ESG initiatives.

Finally, we have created a series of ESG Subcommittees focused on providing specific subject matter leadership in areas of importance to TreeHouse Foods. Those include:

Supply Chain & Operations
  • Environmental sustainability of THS operations (water, waste, energy)
  • Climate change and scope 3 emissions
  • Responsible sourcing and supply chain impacts
  • Water and natural resource scarcity
Transparency & Disclosure
  • ESG disclosure and reporting
  • Audits and customer questionnaires
  • Product labeling and ingredient disclosure
  • Product safety
  • Regulatory compliance
Plastics & Packaging
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Reduction in plastic usage/light weighting
  • Single use plastic
Employee Engagement & Welfare
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Livelihoods and wellness

These committees are fluid and will be agile as the focus of our ESG program evolves. This structure ensures that ESG is fully embedded into the TreeHouse corporate culture and is a part of our day-to-day business planning and execution.