Our Values

Our people and talent are the heart of our organization. As we strive to be the employer of choice in the markets in which we operate, we are dedicated to leading with our TreeHouse values in all that we do.

Own it

  • We do the right thing and act with integrity.
  • We are all in – fully engaged and committed to achieving results.
  • We follow through and are accountable to our commitment.
  • We are proactive – creating opportunities for our business to win.

Commit to excellence

  • We are here to win.
  • We have the highest standards - holding ourselves and others accountable to deliver exceptional results.
  • We learn from our successes and failures.
  • We celebrate our progress and results.

Be agile

  • We keep things simple.
  • We move fast, responsibly.
  • We fail fast, rapidly learning and improving.
  • We embrace and harness change as a competitive advantage.

Speak up

  • We are fully engaged and proactively bring points of view.
  • We create a safe environment where healthy debate is celebrated.
  • We are transparent in sharing information with each other and collaborate across functions.
  • We raise issues early, engage as a team, and then move quickly to action.

Better together

  • We win as TreeHouse Foods – operating as one diverse team, with everyone doing their part, to achieve enterprise-wide results.
  • We have an open mind and assume positive intent.
  • We set each other up for success.
  • We use our collective expertise to get the best results.

Engage and Delight - One Customer at a Time