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The events of this year, from the COVID-19 pandemic to global protests against racial injustice to the growing threat of climate change, have all underscored the need for companies like TreeHouse Foods, Inc. to be an example of what is possible. We must leverage our scale, capabilities, and influence to help address these complex social and environmental challenges. As one of the nation’s leading private label food manufacturers, we approach this call-to-action with the same passion and commitment that we bring to exceeding customer expectations.

Our customer-centric enterprise strategy, which focuses on operational excellence, commercial excellence, portfolio optimization, and people and talent, has guided us to where we are today. We believe that in order to continue achieving our mission amid the intensifying societal threats of climate change, natural resource scarcity, and growing wealth inequality, we must integrate environmental, social, and governance practices (ESG) into every aspect of our business, from our daily procedures to long term planning.

Therefore, we have deliberately expanded our efforts to map out a more robust and holistic approach to environmental stewardship, stakeholder value creation, and enterprise governance. At the beginning of 2020, our company began shifting from a more traditional sustainability-centric approach to an approach that integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices into everything we do. We brought together leaders from across our organization, including our Board and its advisors, to identify priorities and set meaningful goals to meet and exceed the expectations of our employees, investors, customers, and consumers. Additionally, our Compensation Committee is focused on our human capital and culture initiatives and is evaluating how best to tie Executive Compensation in 2021 to progress against ESG goals. I believe our ESG efforts will bolster our enterprise strategy, enable us to further reduce costs, enhance efficiencies, and empower our people with a deeper sense of collective purpose.

With our sights set on our 2025 goals, this long-term journey will require the collective effort and energies of the entire TreeHouse family. I am confident the process of ESG integration, and the transformation we will undergo as an organization, will ultimately enable us to sustain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing marketplace, industry, and world.

We appreciate your interest in TreeHouse Foods.

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Steve Oakland

CEO & President

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icon Own It

  • As a manufacturer of food and beverage products, we have a responsibility to our customers and employees to own our impact and focus on reducing our environmental footprint. Our company is committed to not only understanding the impact that our actions have on the world around us, but actively seeking out ways to address and improve upon it.
  • Our employees are key to helping us find ways to identify opportunities that contribute to our ESG efforts.

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We believe in setting high standards and then working to achieve them, and our ESG Goals are an example of our commitment to build a company focused on achieving environmental and social change throughout our enterprise.

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icon Be Agile

We believe it is imperative that our strategy for ESG performance is aligned with our corporate purpose, vision and mission, in so that we can adjust and respond to our stakeholder needs and expectations quickly and effectively.

icon Speak Up

  • The world is changing rapidly, and our employees and our customers expect more from us than ever before. We recognize that as one of the largest private label branded manufacturers in our industry, and as a company that employs thousands of individuals, it is our responsibility to speak up against injustice when we see it. We expect our employees to do the same.
  • Our employees and partners are critical to our success and we view them as essential partners in our work to reduce risks to our business and create value to our customers.
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icon Better Together

  • We value and appreciate everyone’s contributions. It is only with the support and collaboration from all of our employees, vendors and customers, that we can deliver real change.
  • We have created a cross-functional approach to engage employees at all levels of our business to help us advance our ESG efforts.