Environmental, Social & Governance


I’m pleased to share our annual environmental, social and governance (ESG) report, which highlights our efforts throughout 2021 to further our ESG strategy and drive progress toward our 2025 goals across our prior two-division structure — Meal Preparation and Snacking & Beverages.

In August 2022, we announced the divestiture of a significant portion of our Meal Preparation division to Investindustrial and closed the sale in October 2022. We are excited about this transaction for many reasons as it simplifies our Company, sharpening our focus on our higher-growth, higher-margin private label snacking and beverage categories. The divestiture also has a meaningful impact on our ESG journey, reducing our manufacturing and distribution footprint and enabling us to accelerate growth and improve operational efficiency.

We are reevaluating our ESG goals to fit the new TreeHouse and will have more to share at a later date, but I’m excited at the prospect of creating a more sustainable organization for all our stakeholders.

At TreeHouse, we work to bring ESG concepts to life for our customers. We are committed to expanding environmental stewardship, stakeholder value creation and thoughtful governance in everything we do. We believe that our commitment to enterprise wide ESG integration is fundamental in meeting the expectations of our customers, employees, investors, consumers and suppliers. Our ability to better identify and address risk, create value and improve our environmental and social performance is key to delivering long-term success.

During 2021, we navigated a challenging macroenvironment that impacted the entire packaged food landscape. The continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented inflation and meaningful labor shortages and supply chain disruption underscored the urgency to strengthen social aspects of our ESG efforts.

Despite the near-term headwinds, we invested in serving our customers and consumers, working diligently to keep grocery shelves stocked and ensuring our people were safe and healthy. I’m incredibly proud of the work that we accomplished this year in an extraordinarily challenging operating environment. As a leading private-label food manufacturer, we remain committed to our ESG strategy with the same level of passion and dedication that we bring to serving our customers.

On behalf of the TreeHouse Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team, I’d like to say thank you to our stockholders for their continued support of TreeHouse, to our customers for giving us the opportunity to engage and delight, and to the TreeHouse team members who make it all possible.

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Steve Oakland

CEO & President

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icon Own It

  • As a manufacturer of food and beverage products, we have a responsibility to our customers and employees to own our impact and focus on reducing our environmental footprint. Our company is committed to not only understanding the impact that our actions have on the world around us, but actively seeking out ways to address and improve upon it.
  • Our employees are key to helping us find ways to identify opportunities that contribute to our ESG efforts.

icon Commit to Excellence

We believe in setting high standards and then working to achieve them, and our ESG Goals are an example of our commitment to build a company focused on achieving environmental and social change throughout our enterprise.

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icon Be Agile

We believe it is imperative that our strategy for ESG performance is aligned with our corporate purpose, vision and mission, in so that we can adjust and respond to our stakeholder needs and expectations quickly and effectively.

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  • The world is changing rapidly, and our employees and our customers expect more from us than ever before. We recognize that as one of the largest private label branded manufacturers in our industry, and as a company that employs thousands of individuals, it is our responsibility to speak up against injustice when we see it. We expect our employees to do the same.
  • Our employees and partners are critical to our success and we view them as essential partners in our work to reduce risks to our business and create value to our customers.
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icon Better Together

  • We value and appreciate everyone’s contributions. It is only with the support and collaboration from all of our employees, vendors and customers, that we can deliver real change.
  • We have created a cross-functional approach to engage employees at all levels of our business to help us advance our ESG efforts.