Our Values

We are dedicated to a performance-based culture where we live our values – both with each other and our customers – to ensure our mutual success and safety

Own it

  • We are all in – fully committing to decisions, results and each other.
  • We start with the end in mind, making sure we have clear expectations on what needs to be done and the data for effective decision making.
  • We act with integrity, doing what we say we will do.
  • We are pro-active - stepping up to challenges without waiting to be asked.

Commit to excellence

  • We push ourselves to be the best at what we do and are disciplined in our approach.
  • We have the highest standards, holding ourselves and others accountable for performance and safety.
  • We value learning – from our successes and failures – always committed to becoming better.
  • We celebrate our progress and the effort behind the results.

Be agile

  • We move quickly to address opportunities and are resilient to setbacks.
  • We work hard to keep things simple.
  • We see the opportunity in change and are always looking to evolve.
  • We find a way to deliver on our commitments – bringing creative solutions to our work.

Speak up

  • We provide respectful and clear input.
  • We create the space for healthy debate where everyone is heard.
  • We are disciplined in sharing information and knowledge.
  • We raise issues early, say what needs to be said and then move quickly to action.

Better together

  • We operate as one diverse team – breaking down silos– to achieve common goals across the matrix.
  • We have an open mind, assume positive intent – asking questions to gain understanding and unlock thinking.
  • We set each other up for success.
  • We value the contributions, ideas and time of others – respecting their expertise.

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